Los usuarios avanzados o los administradores del sistema pueden desear cambiar la configuración de instalación predeterminada utilizada durante la instalación. La siguiente tabla enumera los parámetros, compatibles con el instalador de MSI y / o EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup.exe.

Nota: Los parámetros con un "/" inicial controlan el proceso de instalación. Los parámetros sin un "/" inicial controlan las propiedades de la instalación del producto de software. Los parámetros no distinguen entre mayúsculas y minúsculas.

Parameter Description
General settings
InstallFolder Defines the program installation folder
E.g. InstallFolder=c:\eam
EnableBetaUpdates Switches Emsisoft Anti-Malware to the beta update feed after installation
E.g. EnableBetaUpdates=1
NoWarn Suppresses installation warnings
E.g. NoWarn=1
LicKey=<key> Suppresses all license related dialogs and applies the supplied key
E.g. LicKey=AAA-BBB-CCC-123
Enterprise Console connection settings
CommService Installs the Emsisoft Communication service
E.g. CommService=1
CommHost Required Host name/IP for the communication service
E.g. CommHost=
CommPort Required Port for the communication service
E.g. CommPort=3128
AuthInfo Required filename (with optional path) with authentification parameters for the communication service
E.g. AuthInfo=auth.ini
Customer Care settings
disable-expiration-notifications Suppresses license expiration notifications
E.g. disable-expiration-notifications=1
hide-referral-program Hides texts related to the referral program
E.g. hide-referral-program=1
hide-license-key Hides the license key from the license screen
E.g. hide-license-key=1
disable-purchase-buttons Hides purchase license buttons
E.g. disable-purchase-buttons=1
purchase-alt-message Defines an alternative licence purchase text
E.g. purchase-alt-message=text
purchase-alt-url Defines an alternative licence purchase link
E.g. purchase-alt-url=http://www.anywebsite.com
hide-news Hides the news section
E.g. hide-news=1
news-alt-message Defines an alternative news section text
E.g. news-alt-message=text
news-alt-url Defines an alternative news link
E.g. news-alt-url=http://www.newswebsite.com
Installer settings
Enables MSI installer quiet mode. No error messages or installation progress will be shown. To be able to view errors, you could enable the file logging parameter (/L) Note: This parameter does not suppress errors and warnings for EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup.exe.
E.g. /quiet
/Passive Suppresses errors and warnings for the MSI installer. Ignored by bootstrapper
E.g. /passive
/L Enables recording of the installation process. The followowing options are supported and may be supplied directly after the parameter, without delimiters.
E.g. /liwe c:\logs\file.log
i - include status messages
w - include non-fatal warnings
e - include all error messages
a - mention when an action is started
r - include action-specific records
u - include user requests
c - include the initial UI parameters
m - include out-of-memory or fatal exit information
o - include out-of-disk-space messages
p - include terminal properties
v - verbose output
x - include extra debugging information
+ - append to an existing log file
! - flush each line to the log
* - log all information, except for v and x options
Additional parameters in web installer
/ProxyServer The Web installer will use the specified proxyserver host for downloading the MSI installer.
E.g. /ProxyServer=
/ProxyPort Sets the proxyserver port
E.g. /ProxyPort=3128
/ProxyUsername Sets the proxyserver username
E.g. /ProxyUsername=JohnDoe
/ProxyPassword Sets the proxyserver password
E.g. /ProxyPassword=MyPassword
/Dir Defines the program installation folder. Supported for compatibility with the older EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe
E.g. /Dir=c:\eam